Leadership: Points to analyze in a Work Climate project

This article attempts to show the keys to Openmet’s work environment model based on EFQM. The second factor in the 5F model, “5 factors for assessing human and organizational potential”, is Leadership. This factor belongs to the Motivators group (Commitment, Leadership and Talent Management).

Leadership. Work environment survey

Leadership has four major indicators guiding us to the keys of this factor.

They are: People management, Empowerment, Recognition and Feedback. The leadership evaluated is direct.


1.People management

This indicator relates to the direct management of work teams and the role of the leader. The key competencies in direct team management are setting clear guidelines, active listening to ideas, conflict resolution, coordination, accessibility, clear and honest communication and team motivation.

2. Empowerment

The delegation of responsibilities, the team’s knowledge of its goals and responsibilities, the leader’s ability to get the most out of their team members and the confidence they exude are the keys to effective team delegation.

3. Recognition

Making sure that the team feels acknowledged is one of the hardest things for a leader to achieve. By assessing the level of recognition and comparing positive and negative feedback, we can reflect on these aspects of team management

4. Feedback

Another of the most critical indicators in leadership is feedback. Clear and direct feedback, performance reviews and objective evaluation criteria are the key aspects of this indicator


In summary, Leadership in the 5F work environment model, centers on aspects of direct people management. Good leader communication, coordination, accessibility, conflict management, team coordination, clear and correct delegation, recognition and constant and objective feedback are the keys to leadership assessment in our model.

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