Competence-based evaluation – Feedback 360º

We advise on the design of diagnostic procedures and skills management with 360 feedback

Competence-based evaluation is a process that allows companies to learn about the competences of its employees through self-evaluation and evaluation by those who work with the employee.
It allows for dynamic adaptation of people to the needs of the organisation; that is, it helps to manage and align the skills of employees and the needs of the company.
360º Evaluation means that each individual is analysed by the key people he/she interacts with in the work environment, as well as a self-evaluation of his/her own competences.

What are competences?

Competences are behaviours, skills, personal characteristics, attitudes and motivations.
Openmet People’s competence model distinguishes between 4 large competency areas:
Generation of results, social, directive and personal management.

competence-based evaluation
competence-based evaluation

Desired objectives and results of competence-based evaluation

  • Identify abilities and skills of employees

  • Automation of 360º Feedback process through the Openmet Feedback Manager Platform

  • Self-reflection of those being evaluated regarding their competences

  • Open a channel of communication between bosses and employees

  • Lean about strengths and areas for improvement

  • Identify training and development needs

  • Employees who are better prepared for the company’s future challenges

  • Strategic vision. Align professional development with the objectives of the company

How we work the competence-based evaluation

  • Define the type of study that will be carried out: Evaluation by superiors (90º), by superiors and co-workers (180º), and by superiors, co-workers and collaborators (360º).

  • We help to define competence profiles of employees through interviews with key people. We can adapt to definitions or models already in use

  • We use the Openmet Feedback Manager platform to design, distribute and fill in questionnaires

  • We provide training sessions on the competence model before the evaluation, explaining each skill to everyone who answers the survey or to the team leaders.

  • We manage the distribution and data collection process through electronic surveys

  • Our platform Openmet Feedback Manager grants access to results and automated reports in Word format for each person evaluated, allowing you to view competences by department or other groupings

  • We provide support in the follow-up interviews by sitting in or giving group training sessions. The follow-up interview is the key part of the competence evaluation: it is the end of the evaluation process and the beginning of planning for the future

  • We can help and support you throughout the process


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