Sales Team Diagnostics

Diagnostics of commercial equipment to make are motivated and trained

Strong sales is one of the fundamental pillars of any company.In order to achieve company objectives, it is essential to keep the sales team motivated and informed.

Openmet People offers a variety of tools to measure the main factors influencing sales:

  • Motivation (based on the EFQM model)
  • Knowledge / Assessment
  • Competences
  • Evaluation of the tools used

Desired objectives and results by Sales Team Diagnostics

  • Obtain measurable data on the your sales team’s motivation and technical knowledge
  • Identify areas to improve and training shortfalls
  • Open a direct channel of communication between employee and company
  • Improve competences, resources and tools
  • Identify best sales practices
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Innovation and improvement of processes are key for competitiveness.
  • Obtain objective data for decision-making

How we work Sales Team Diagnostics

  • Define areas to diagnose (motivation and/or knowledge and/or competences and/or resources and tools)
  • Adapt motivational and/or competence model
  • Generate questions on knowledge and evaluation of resources and tools
  • Support for project communication
  • We manage the distribution process and capture data through electronic surveys
  • We provide access to the Openmet Feedback Manager platform which allows users to visualise information in a Business Intelligence environment, to follow progress and to automatically produce reports
  • We can help you to find suitable partners for the stages following the diagnosis
  • We help and support you throughout the process


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