No Surrender Survey

Team management in times of crisis

With the No Surrender survey, companies can quickly diagnose key aspects of managing their human team during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis:
  • The company's response capacity in the face of the crisis
  • The mood of people
  • Efficiency in teleworking
  • he team's suggestions

The survey is short, it has 12-16 questions. You will get direct and real-time feedback from the workers that will allow you to make improvement decisions to react in these very disruptive moments.

¿How it works?
1.Register your company using the form
2.Once registered you will receive an email with two links:
  • Link to the survey
  • Link to results
3.Distribute the link of the survey among the workers so they can answer. The link allows all the people who want to answer, preserving their anonymity.
4.Use the results link to analyze the answers, see KPIs, read comments, take reports, create SWOTs, etc.
What is the price?
Access to the survey and results is completely free during for 6 months. With unlimited responses. After 6 months (if the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis is over), we will erase your data, and survey enrollment is likely to cease to exist. Before doing so, we will notify you in case you want to download the answer data.
Is it anonymous and confidential?
  • No personal data of the participants is stored. Only responses to survey questions are saved
  • Each company can only see its results
  • Openmet agrees not to ever publish or disseminate your company name, responses, or details, except if you ask us to do so for any reason.

We will use aggregated data globally to draw market conclusions, perhaps publish an article and/or share it with other companies. If you wish, we will share the added information with you so that you have a reference benchmark.

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