Free assessments to get to know your team and drive your company forward

Openmet Insights is an initiative by Openmet that allows organizations to assess various aspects within the realm of human resources for free during a specific period. 

Our questionnaires are meticulously designed to address different workplace themes clearly, simply, and efficiently, enabling the identification of areas for improvement and strengths. 

As a self-managed tool for organizations, it allows for precise and cost-free measurement of key aspects in people management, which have a direct impact on productivity and organizational commitment.

Key features of Openmet Insights:

  • Short, anonymous, and self-managed surveys by the company, ensuring confidentiality and honesty of responses at all times. 
  • A real-time results environment that allows you to monitor progress and trends as employees respond to surveys. 
  • Access to detailed analysis and aggregated data for a deep understanding of results. 
  • Functionalities for conducting exhaustive post-analysis and obtaining meaningful insights for continuous improvement of your company’s work environment. 

With Openmet Insights, you will not only get a snapshot of your organization’s current state on a specific topic, but you will also have the necessary tools to drive positive changes over time. 

Join us and make people management a priority!

What do we assess in Openmet Insights?

The assessments in Openmet Insights will cover different themes and have a specific duration. 

To find out which assessment is currently active, simply visit this page and discover in which area we are currently assisting organizations.

Until September 15, 2024, Openmet Insights helps you assess:

With our Openmet Insights Wellness model, you’ll be able to assess the level of well-being of the people working in your organization from the most current approach: 

How does the company contribute to the well-being of its employees? 

Our model provides a comprehensive view of the well-being level through our key indicators:

  1. Social and emotional well-being: indicator that assesses the level of stress, social conflicts, and interpersonal relationships within the organization. 
  1. Physical and environmental well-being: assessment of comfort and the work environment, the ability to disconnect during leisure time, and environmental impact.
  1. Impact: overall assessment of the well-being level and the possibility to provide written comments.

How does Openmet Insights work?

Questions about Openmet Insight

Yes, you can. Just below, you have the button link to view the survey layout.

Access to Openmet Insights and its results (both individual and aggregated) is completely free.

As many people as desired can respond. After 1 year, we will delete the survey data. You can download the results beforehand via access to results if desired.


No personal data of participants is stored. Only responses to survey questions are saved.

Each company can only view its own results.

Openmet commits to never publish or disseminate the names of participating companies, their responses, or their data unless requested by the participating company for some reason.

We will use aggregated data at a global level to draw market conclusions, possibly publish articles, and/or share them with other companies.

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