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Leadership Evaluation

Specialized Consultancy in Leadership Evaluation

We are experts in assessing and managing organizational leadership.
Leadership is essential for an organization’s success. A good leader inspires and motivates employees to work effectively together to achieve the company’s objectives.
Good leadership is the foundation for increased productivity and efficiency, which leads to greater success and profitability for the organization.

How Does Leadership Evaluation Work?

  • We assist you in defining the type of leadership that best fits your organization’s culture and strategic objectives.
  • Each leadership model has a description of associated competencies. We can also enrich the evaluation with our competency dictionary.
  • We conduct a competency assessment of your leaders.
  • We provide you with results and reports to understand how to improve.
  • We offer guidance on delivering results to leaders.
  • We provide guidance on developing the competencies that need improvement.

Our leadership development model is structured around 4 leadership styles that we consider crucial for organizational development:

liderazgo digital

Digital Leadership

A leader focused on the strategic use of digital assets for a brand or organization to achieve business or online presence objectives, strengthening its reputation, focusing on external perspectives, delegating, promoting boldness, favoring action over planning, and valuing collaboration over individual effort.

liderazgo agile

Agile Leadership

Facilitative leadership, responsible for empowering teams, providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary to work efficiently on their own and making them accountable for their tasks.

liderazgo resiliente

Resilient Leadership

Leadership capable of adapting and effectively facing unforeseen challenges and changes. Being able to overcome adversity, recover quickly, and keep moving forward. A resilient leader handles pressure, stress, and difficulties while maintaining a positive and solution-oriented attitude.

liderazgo sostenible

Sustainable Leadership

Leadership capable of maintaining the organization’s success and prosperity without compromising the well-being of people, the environment, or the economy. It considers the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and seeks innovative and effective solutions to address the social, environmental, and economic challenges facing the organization.

Why is Measuring leadership competencies important?

Leadership aligned with the strategy ensures that actions and decisions are in line with the organization’s objectives. It understands and effectively communicates the strategy, providing successful outcomes for the organization.

Effective leadership can reduce costs associated with employee turnover and constant training. Good leadership can also help reduce absenteeism and increase employee retention.

Effective leadership can lead to improved financial performance for the company. Companies with effective leaders are 3.5 times more likely to be profitable than those with leaders who do not align with the organizational strategy and culture.

Effective leadership can help attract and retain the best employees. When employees feel they are being led by an effective leader and have the opportunity to grow and develop, they are more likely to stay with the company in the long term.

When leaders have the necessary skills to motivate and guide their teams, significant productivity improvements can be achieved. Companies with highly effective leaders tend to be 50% more productive than the average.


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