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Customer satisfaction

We are experts in customer satisfaction studies and surveys. We help you to know what your customers think of your company and so you can know how to improve and get more satisfied and loyal customers

Market research

Advice, evaluation, diagnosis and action plan to improve customer satisfaction evaluation processes

Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to find out about client opinions on different aspects of the product or service that contribute to their satisfaction (e.g. customer service, corporate image, after-sales service, etc.).

Customer experience projects try to measure the emotional response of the customers while their interaction with your company (the different touchpoints during the customer journey), using NPS® – Net Promoter® Score or similar metrics.
These types of projects obtain direct feedback from customers and create objective metrics relating to factors that need to be improved in order to increase the customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.
It can also be used to identify areas to improve and critical areas for the company as well as to improve internal customer orientation processes.

To help you better understand our products and services, we provide you with a free Customer Satisfaction survey demo.

Automatic demonstration of the software through the Internet and e-mail (sending electronic sample surveys and access to the Openmet Feedback Manager Business Intelligence environment to see the results):

Goals and desired results for customer satisfaction

  • Assess customer satisfaction and experience, and understand what influences it
  • Obtain objective metrics (such as NPS®) and data for decision-making
  • Evaluate the key aspects that affect the customer experience
  • Identify aspects that influence customer loyalty
  • Discover which customers are most satisfied, these could be targets for upselling or cross-selling
  • Increase the competitiveness of the company and competitive advantages
  • Identify areas to improve and weak areas
  • Open a direct channel of communication between client and company
  • Improve internal customer orientation processes
  • Evaluate sales and after-sales processes
  • Implement quality processes (ISO, EFQM, etc.) and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction

How we work on customer satisfaction

  • Our satisfaction experts will advise you on the methodology (eg: EFQM, Servqual, etc.) and the design and validation of the satisfaction questionnaire.
  • We adapt to the survey and questionnaire model provided by the client.
  • We manage the process of distribution and data capture through the channel that is most appropriate in each case (through electronic surveys, telephone surveys, SMS surveys, WhatsApp surveys, pollsters at street level, QR codes and / or paper forms)
  • If required, we can explore client opinion through individual interviews and focus groups
  • You have at your disposal the Openmet Feedback Manager platform, which allows easy viewing and analysis of responses in a Business Intelligence environment, from which you can also create all kinds of reports
  • We analyse and present the results of the study, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement.
  • We help you build an improvement action plan and we provide you with our YouMakePlans software so that you can deploy and track improvements
  • We provide support throughout the process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that you obtain relevant results which will help your company to improve


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How can we help?

Here at Openmet Customers we can help you to manage and diagnose a large proportion of key information needed to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the customer.
Openmet Customers helps you to maximise success in your market research projects thanks to the combination of our know-how and the help of our consultants, specialists and call-center agents, as well as our Openmet Feedback Manager software : E-Surveys, CATI and CAWI (capture of electronic data) + KPIs (dashboards and indicators) + Business Intelligence (results analysis environment).
We can conduct local or worldwide surveys, via e-surveys, phone surveys or other channels.

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