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Employee engagement

We are experts in diagnosing and improving the work environment and employee engagement. Knowing what the people in your organization think, perceive and feel allows us to help you build a more efficient, innovative and competitive company.

employee engagement

What is a organizational climate study?

An employee engagement or work environment study provides information on the general perception of an organization at a certain point in time, as seen by employees, to know the general perception of the organization at a specific moment. Knowing the opinion and understanding the experience of the employees through this study helps to generate a more innovative and competitive company.

At Openmet People we are experts in employee engagement and work environment. We have the Openmet 5F model: our own work environment model inspired by the EFQM methodology. Openmet 5F identifies 5 factors and 2 large blocks of work climate analysis: satisfaction and motivation. This model is flexible and adapts to the needs of the client.
There is also the possibility of working with other models provided by the client.

Our specialization in employee engagement and work environment studies has made it easier for us to work with SMEs, large companies and multinationals both nationally and internationally.

To help you better understand our products and services, we offer you a free demo of the work environment survey.

Automatic demonstration of the software through the Internet and e-mail (sending electronic sample surveys and access to the Openmet Feedback Manager Business Intelligence environment to see the results):

How to improve the employee engagement?

Goals and desirable results of the organizational climate study

  • Learn about your employees perception of the workplace
  • Identify areas to improve and areas of risk
  • Open a direct channel of communication between employee and company
  • Improve leadership and team management
  • Be aware of strengths and indications of satisfaction and motivation
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Innovation and improvement of processes are key competitiveness factors
  • Obtain objective data for decision-making

How we work on a strategic HR plan

  • We design and adapt our work environment model to the client’s needs
  • We manage the distribution and data collection process using electronic or printed surveys
  • People being surveyed are guaranteed anonymity
  • We can explore the opinions of employees or management through individual interview, focus groups, etc
  • We analyse and present the results of the study, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement.We work with Benchmarking in order to better understand the situation
  • We use the Openmet Feedback Manager platform to visualise data in a Business Intelligence environment, to see development over time and to generate reports allowing for internal distribution of information
  • We can help with the development of a strategic HR action plan
  • We advise you to define improvement objectives and action plans
  • We provide YouMakePlans software to help deploy and manage the improvement process
  • AWe can help and support you throughout the process


If you want to know more, at Openmet Group we write our own articles in order to help you grow your business

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