7 Useful Tips for Dealing with Negative Feedback

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At Openmet, we provide consultancy and technology for surveying and analyzing the opinions of strategic groups such as employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

Managing all of this isn’t easy, which is why at Openmet Group, we’ve divided our business according to the needs of our clients.

How to Handle Negative Feedback

One of the reasons we have the Openmet People section, the HR branch of Openmet Group, is to help our clients diagnose and manage a human resources team in any company. Specializing in assessing and managing the work environment, competency assessment and training, and commercial team diagnostics, our goal is to assist in proper measurement and decision-making for entrepreneurs based on their employees’ opinions

Providing feedback to your employees is crucial for the smooth running of the company, and as a leader of your organization, it’s essential to know how to express it, whether positive or negative.

That’s why we want to share a very interesting article on this topic from Equipos&Talento.com magazine: “How to Give Negative Feedback.

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Giving positive feedback is always easier and more comfortable, although it’s necessary to know how to convey negative feedback to your employees, even if it may be more challenging. This process will be beneficial for the company and the employee as it opens up a channel of communication between employer and worker where solutions can be found for what is expected or not in the work process, thus improving all these processes in the corresponding departments.

The article reveals 7 useful tips for facing negative feedback:

  1. Start with yourself
  2. Ask for feedback and engage in active listening
  3. Focus on reflection
  4. Learn from mistakes
  5. Correct course
  6. Understand when not to give feedback
  7. Adopt a continuous mindset.

If you want to learn more about these 7 useful tips for dealing with negative feedback that Jennifer Porter (Managing Partner of Boda Group, a leadership and team development firm) elaborates on, we advise you to read the full article here.