surveys with question rotation

Surveys with Question Rotation

One of the most important challenges that we face at Openmet when it comes to customer surveys is the need for brevity. In general, the time spent by customers completing surveys tends to be very limited, and we have to make the most of that attention span to obtain as much feedback as possible….

survey analytics

Survey analytics: Distribution of answers

Survey Analytics – Distribution of Answers The first analysis of the results of a customer satisfaction survey, customer experience or NPS is typically hierarchical or dimensional. This analysis involves analyzing the various questions and indicators of the survey to understand WHAT is working well and which aspects are considered good or bad. If we have…

nps openmet

NPS and eNPS: Similarities, Relationships and Differences

As a firm specialized in analyzing feedback from people, OpenMet carries out a lot of projects and surveys to assess customer satisfaction or experience measuring NPS (Net Promoter Score). When we conduct surveys and studies on employee satisfaction, motivation and work environment, we increasingly include eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score). This blog post will attempt…

análisis de gaps

Gap Analysis for Customer Satisfaction

Many studies assessing customer satisfaction follow the same pattern, which we can broadly sum up as having the following phases: Definition of the goal of the project and the indicators we want to assess Definition of the survey model and methodology to use for evaluating satisfaction Design, implementation of the survey and collection of data…