Electronic surveys

Electronic surveys and Online surveys

Effortlessly create professional online and electronic surveys



Create surveys to capture data from multiple channels (web, anonymous with codes, email, kiosk, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and analyze them together

import values

Import values

Import and preassign values for participants, and create flows from the values

adaptable templates

Highly adaptable templates

Effortlessly create professional templates and new surveys in seconds

Electronic surveys Features

Save time and resources using professional electronic / online surveys and results analytics

Copy and paste several questions and answers at once

Multiple question types: scales, open, matrices, numbers, checkboxes, etc.

HTML-rich design: survey content can be edited in HTML and videos, images, etc. can be added.

Management of corporate images: adaptability to add logos, CSS styles, colors, responsiveness, progress bars, etc.

Diverse methods of access: anonymous surveys, encrypted code access, email invitation, access with username and password, QR code, website link, etc.

Importing of participants via Excel and preassignment of values

Maximum security and scalability: We work with SSL. Openmet complies with the Data Protection Act at intermediate level. Our servers are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud-based in Ireland.

Multilanguage: support for up to 21 languages

Powerful and advanced conditional logic to modify the flow of pages, questions and answers

The best professional data analytics on the market

And much more…


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Why and How to Use Weightings in Electronic Surveys

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