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Openmet Group was founded in 2003, with the aim of helping companies to evaluate, understand and measure people’s opinions and perceptions, thus making it easier to take decisions.

Openmet provides services and software to evaluate and manage strategic people opinions, such as employees, clients and other stakeholders.

We are a value-driven organization. Values inspire our long-term strategy and also the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. These are our values: Trust, Honesty, Professionalism and Customer Orientation.

Over the years Openmet Group has specialised in three main divisions: Openmet People, which offers solutions for diagnostics and management of employees; Openmet Customers, which offers services for diagnosis of customer profile and satisfaction; and based on our Enterprise Feedback Management (Feedback capture and management + Business Intelligence + Action Plans).


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From SMBs to big companies

Hundreds of companies trust Openmet to evaluate, analyze, improve and expand their businesses.


If you want to know more, at Openmet Group we write our own articles in order to help you grow your business

How to Decide on Survey Frequency for Clients

How to Decide on Survey Frequency for Clients

Over the past few years at Openmet, we’ve noticed a rise in the frequency of our client and employee evaluation projects and studies. They’re becoming more and more frequent, and…

6 Key Characteristics of a Leader

6 Key Characteristics of a Leader

Leaders in any organization play a pivotal role, both in motivating team members and in driving the team forward. Without effective leadership, organizations lose their way towards success and struggle…

EmployeePS – Employee Pulse Surveys to assess and measure engagement

EmployeePS – Employee Pulse Surveys to assess and measure engagement

How often have you heard and read that “the most engaged employees have better attitudes on a day-to-day basis and are better able to adapt to change”? But, in spite…

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