Evaluation of training or the training process

Training. Impact and investment return

Training evaluation is a process in which the different aspects of the previous stage are measured. This process aims to measure the impact that training has had on the company and the professionals within it.
Training evaluation is based on evaluation methodologies such as the Kirkpatrick or Bersin models.
The impact of training can be evaluated according to degrees of impact within the company:

  • Customer satisfaction. What did the students think of the course?

  • Level of learning. Have they learned what was expected?

  • Transfer to workplace. Are the students applying what they have learned?

  • Results in the business. How does training affect business? RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)

The indicators and dashboards needed for each phase are designed and adapted to the needs of each organisation.

evaluation of training

Desired objectives and results by evaluations of training

  • Awareness of impact of training on people, departments and the company
  • Get information on quality of training ( teaching staff, topics, usefulness…)
  • Obtain objective data to rationalise investment in training (ROI)
  • Follow the entire training cycle at the individual and general level
  • Useful tool for team leaders for making decisions on training.

How we work evaluation of training

  • We design and adapt the questionnaires to analyse satisfaction and knowledge or skills acquired

  • Identify areas to improve and areas of risk

  • Open a direct channel of communication between employee and company

  • We evaluate various satisfaction indicators through online or printed satisfaction surveys: subjects, teaching staff, facilities, learning acquired, methodologies..

  • We evaluate knowledge obtained during the training session(s).

  • We evaluate the transfer of knowledge acquired for the position.

  • Through the Openmet Feedback Manager results platform you can follow the evaluations given and get automated reports on the different sessions, teachers, departments…

  • We provide regular contributions on different training actions and impact and satisfaction.


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