Data analytics

Data analytics

The best survey data analytics on the market

Draw conclusions from your data quickly and efficiently.

results analytics

Save time and resources with results analytics

OFM instantly calculates the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics to let us know what is going on and make the best decisions

avoid handling errors

Avoid handling errors

You don’t need to use Excel, Power BI, SPSS or R to analyze survey results. OFM gives you everything you need to analyze, filter and compare results instantly

create reports

Create reports effortlessly

Create professional Word, PDF and Excel reports instantly and effortlessly. With indicators, comparisons and the charts and content you choose

Features of the data analytics of our software

Save time and resources using professional surveys and results analytics

Instant calculation of high and low level KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and KPIs per question

Changes over time

Automatic Importance – Evaluation decision charts

Automatic weighting of results based on the characteristics of the participant

Automatic reports in Word, PDF and PowerPoint with KPIs, charts and a professional forma


Histograms of the distribution of results and characterization of participants by area

Batch creation and zipping of multiple Word and PDF reports

Lots of different and attractive graphics for visualizing results

Excel exports and reports with KPIs

And much more…


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