Openmet Customers

Customer profile studies

Get to know your customers better so that you can offer them products and services adapted to their needs with our customer profile studies.

Consulting and conducting customer surveys

These projects involve carrying out surveys on a customer sample on whom the company has no information in order to precisely identify their characteristics, using this information for decision making in sales, marketing, communication and pricing.

Goals and desired results on the customer profile

  • Learn about client or user profile
  • Identify key business cohorts
  • Open a direct channel of communication between employee and company
  • Improve market processes and sales campaigns
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Obtain objective data for decision-making

How we work customer profiles studies

  • We help to design the segmentation questionnaire
  • We manage the distribution and data capture process using electronic, in-person, telephone and/or printed surveys
  • When necessary we apply the statistical calculations required to correct or weight information
  • We provide access to the Openmet Feedback Manager platform which allows users to visualise information in a Business Intelligence environment and automatically produce reports
  • We analyse and present the results of the study, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement.
  • We help and support you throughout the process


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How can we help?

Here at Openmet Customers we can help you to manage and diagnose a large proportion of key information needed to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the customer.
Openmet Customers helps you to maximise success in your market research projects thanks to the combination of our know-how and the help of our consultants, specialists and call-center agents, as well as our Openmet Feedback Manager software : E-Surveys, CATI and CAWI (capture of electronic data) + KPIs (dashboards and indicators) + Business Intelligence (results analysis environment).
We can conduct local or worldwide surveys, via e-surveys, phone surveys or other channels.

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