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Organizational Culture

Evaluation, Audit, and Management of Organizational Culture

We are experts in organizational culture. We assist you in building, assessing, and managing your organization’s culture to:

  • Create a consistent corporate identity that reinforces the sense of belonging and team spirit
  • Align the culture with the strategic objectives
  • Foster a culture of excellence that allows you to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage in the market
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What Is Organizational Culture?

  • Organizational culture is the set of values and beliefs that people within an organization have in common. It shapes corporate identity and provides thought patterns, expectations, frameworks of action, feelings, and reactions that guide decision-making, organizational processes, and other activities within the organization.
  • Successful organizations have strong cultures that attract, retain, and reward people for their roles and goal achievement.
  • One of the most important roles of senior management is to shape the culture and identity of the company, which has a significant impact on the organization’s medium and long-term evolution.
  • Culture is now considered one of the most important assets of organizations, forming the central core of their intellectual capital.
  • Culture is no longer perceived as a variable but is understood as a constitutive dimension of the organization.

Objectives of an Organizational Culture Study:

  • Understand the values, beliefs, policies, and rules that govern the organization’s corporate identity.
  • Identify the attitudes and behaviors that characterize the organizational culture.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of organizational culture in achieving the organization’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives.
  • Identify cultural barriers that may be hindering the organization’s success.
  • Identify the gap between the current culture and the desired culture.
  • Identify opportunities to promote innovation and creativity.
  • Provide information to the organization’s leaders to make informed decisions about organizational culture.
  • Provide information to employees about organizational culture to encourage participation and commitment.
  • Implement a new culture that leads to excellence.

Benefits of Cultural Management:

Culture creates and regulates identity, values, and organizational behaviors in the medium and long term. It creates a corporate personality that permeates the entire organization and with which individuals (employees, clients, etc.) establish an emotional connection. The most significant outcomes include:

  • Improved engagement and motivation
  • Enhanced and simplified decision-making
  • Reduced staff turnover and increased talent retention and attraction
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced adaptability to change, innovation, and creativity
  • Strengthened brand image and organizational identity
  • Improved internal communication
  • Enhanced financial profitability
beneficios gestión cultural

Openmet introduces its model of organizational culture, Openmet 4C, as a reference.

Culture of Collaboration

  • Teamwork
  • Personal Development
  • Trust

Culture of Creativity

  • Innovation
  • Risk-taking
  • Continuous Change

Structured Culture

  • Stability
  • Efficiency
  • Adequate production scheduling

Competitive Culture

  • Results Orientation
  • Market Penetration
  • Positioning as the Best in the Market


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