Meet and manage feedback from your customers. Our philosophy

Openmet Customers is the satisfaction and client profile diagnostics line of Openmet Group. Our objective is to help companies around the world to grow thanks to accurate measurement, assessment in decision making and diagnostics of one of the most valuable resources of any company, the customers.

How can we help you?

Here at Openmet Customers we can help you to manage and diagnose a large proportion of key information needed to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the customer.
Openmet Customers helps you to maximise success in your market research projects thanks to the combination of our know-how and the help of our consultants, specialists and call-center agents, as well as our Openmet Feedback Manager software : E-Surveys, CATI and CAWI (capture of electronic data) + KPIs (dashboards and indicators) + Business Intelligence (results analysis environment).
We can conduct local or worldwide surveys, via e-surveys, phone surveys or other channels.

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openmet customers


What is it?

Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to find out about client opinion on different matters that influence their satisfaction and loyalty (e.g. customer service, corporate image, after-sales service, etc.).Projects of this type provide client feedback, KPIs and metrics (for example NPS® – Net Promoter® Score), helping companies to identify areas for improvement and to learn what areas need to be worked on.

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What is it?

Get to know your customers better so that you can offer them products and services adapted to their needs.
These projects involve carrying out surveys on customers on whom the company has little or limited information in order to precisely identify their characteristics, using this information for decision-making in sales, marketing, communication and pricing.

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What is it?

Evaluating the quality of a service that customers receive provides you with information on customers’ experiences and opinions regarding different aspects of the service offered by the company, so you know what needs to improve, and how (e.g. friendliness, response time, etc.).
This type of project gets feedback from customers and creates objective metrics relating to factors that need to be improved in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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customer satisfaction
NPS surveys


What is it?

NPS software and consulting allow you to create NPS surveys to capture feedback from your customers, analyze results in real-time and take decisions to improve the customer experience.

Make your company customer focused and improve your business by increasing loyalty and referrals using the NPS® methodology

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