Delegation, not instruction: Concept and evaluation

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Delegation is one of the necessary skills of any Leader. Good delegation is far more than the transfer of tasks and functions.

To delegate properly, we need to analyze the skills, personality and experience of the people to whom we want to delegate a task. Being a good leader means being knowledgeable of the qualities and skills of team members.

The person assigning the responsibilities also needs to clearly explain what they expect and provide the tools, support and funds needed to carry out the task.

It is very important that the person delegating the task grants autonomy and decision-making capacity to the other person, trusting in their abilities while offering help and support when the situation so requires.

Only leaders who meet these requirements will be able to retain and attract the best talent for the organization, improving the work environment and increasing business productivity and profits.

To analyze the index of delegation in a company, we need measuring tools and subsequent support. There are two basic measuring tools to determine this index: Work Environment Study and Competency-based Assessment.

The Work Environment will tell us how much the leaders delegate in the opinion of different reference groups. Work Environment also gives an insight into the perception of general leadership, commitment, talent management, organizational efficiency and assessment of hygiene factors

Competency-based Assessment can be useful in two ways: to define the desired competencies and to find out the their development index. This is a more personal type of assessment where, besides analyzing the delegation skills of the leader, we can analyze the response of different team members to the delegation.
An effective assessment allows us to correct delegation behaviors through the opinions of others and self-criticism.