The importance of working climate surveys for companies

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Today’s companies are often concerned about their employees’ opinion. They want to know their employees’ level of satisfaction and motivation in order to improve and create better performing and more efficient companies. And they use work climate or engagement studies to do this.

The perception of a company’s processes, projects, results, decisions and procedures will differ according to whether we are dealing with the person at the top of the organizational chart or from some other level. Employee behavior is affected by their perceptions so it is useful for company management to know and take them into account.

Work climate surveys use simple tools like questionnaires to analyze the “climate” or perception of an organization at a given time. Provided that the survey is designed and conducted properly, the information it collects can be used to gain an internal knowledge of the company that no external consultant would ever be able to contribute.

Besides its benefits for employers, conducting a work climate study also gives employees the chance to channel their opinions through an official tool. The simple fact of allowing workers to express their opinion and know that it will be heard and taken into account by the company management is an improvement in the work environment itself.

However, before embarking on a diagnosis of its work climate, the company and the people who will take charge of the process must ask themselves this question: why conduct a climate survey in our organization? The answer has to be coherent and honest because it will set the bar for the design of the diagnostic process and the guidelines for the decision-making process.

Openmet has its own work climate model based on EFQM methodology (the European quality standard for commitment to excellence) to identify and analyze the needs of our customers. The model can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers.