Communication in Work Climate projects – Part I

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Comunicación clima laboral

There are several points to consider when launching a work environment project if it is to be successful:

  • A tried and tested effective work environment model
  • Good advice for drawing up the questionnaire
  • Benchmarking
  • Project communication campaign
  • Powerful data system
  • Reports containing comprehensive executive information
  • All with the support of experts in the management of this type of project

So let’s get started.

Communication of work environment projects

This series of articles will focus on the various phases of the communication campaign:

  • Initial phase: project presentation
  • Intermediate phase:the period of data collection
  • Final phase: transmission of results and decisions

The initial phase of the communication campaign is the key period of the project. The communication of the project and its goals is critical to its success.

We recommend the use of marketing techniques to give the project an impact in the organization. “Baptizing” the project is a good start. Work environment survey is an unattractive name for a project and can give the feeling that it is “just another survey”. Remember that the project is not just a survey; it is a process with a diagnosis and related actions.

What should we tell our employees? Messages

1. In companies performing the study for the first time:

  • Clearly state that the study is on the work environment and outline its aims
  • Give visibility to the benefits it can bring to the organization
  • If the company is working with a consulting company, present it and provide references to previous projects
  • Explain the three basic rules of any work environment study: Honesty, Participation and
  • IMPORTANT! Indicate that the survey will be anonymous and confidential. The study is conducted on groups not individuals
  • Indicate the questionnaire model that will be used for the evaluation and its sections (segmentation, open questions, etc.)
  • Indicate the type of survey that will be used: online, paper or mixed.
  • With the online type, explain how anonymity will be maintained in the survey.
  • The data collection phases
  • The average time it will take to complete the questionnaire
  • How the data and the reports will be processed. Confidentiality, reports to management and heads of department, etc.
  • Contact details for questions, suggestions and issues
  • What phases will come after the diagnosis

2. For companies that recently (within the past 1-2 years) conducted a work environment study:

Besides the above, emphasize the actions introduced since the last survey

Tools for communicating in a work environment project

  • Digital documents with key messages to communicate about the project
  • Management Committee meetings. These meetings are typically very helpful for focusing on the model that will be used and the project phases
  • Middle management meetings. In large and medium-sized enterprises, it is usually very beneficial to get middle managers involved in the project. These meetings are usually used to outline the key messages of the project, present the project manager, who attends with HR or the company management, and for a Q&A session
  • Group meetings with employees. In companies with a small number of employees, the project can be presented to the entire organization in the same format as above
  • Letters from the management, also outlining the key messages
  • Digital signage. Using custom signage will help spread the message. Very useful in medium-sized and large enterprises
  • Infographic videos with the key messages. Videos prepared exclusively for each company.

In the next section, we will discuss the intermediate phase, the data collection period.

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