Specialized services, consulting and integration

Openmet’s specialists and engineers are here to help with whatever service you need:

  • integration and connection of Openmet Feedback Manager with other software (CRM, HR, check-in, web, etc.)
  • Administrative outsourcing (Openmet manages the software)
  • Administrator training
  • Training in data analytics
  • Support with survey creation and design
  • Statistical consulting and data processing service
  • Data importing and ETL (Extract, Transform & Load)
  • Scanning of forms and questionnaires on paper
  • Disseny de processos d’adquisició i anàlisi de dades continus (enquestes 24x7x365)
  • Creation of special reports and dashboards for clients
  • Advanced HR consulting, market research and customer evaluation


Barcelona / Madrid

(+34) 902 876 979 - info@openmet.com

Central Barcelona

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 523, 3-1

(08011) Barcelona


José Antonio 24

(28410) Madrid - Manzanares el Real

Openmet Centroamérica

(Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua y Panamá)

2da. Av. 15-12 zona 14 -- Edificio Real América, Of. 9

(28016) Guatemala, C.A.

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