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Assessments and evaluation of training needs

Training the people who form part of your company is one of the areas that can give your company a competitive edge. Ongoing training is one of the keys to business success. Evaluation of training needs can arise from two different scenarios: detection of training needs or the impact of training on employees and the organization.
Training needs can be detected through evaluation of skills, knowledge, or skill examinations, or by directly asking professionals about what they think their needs are.
Usually, the profiles or cohorts who participate in these evaluations are the sales and commercial network, executives, middle management, quality, and production departments.

Desired objectives and results

  • Detect training needs
  • Obtain objective data on technical knowledge and skills
  • Optimise the company’s training needs
  • Decide what programmes to invest in
  • Strengthen your organisation’s internal talent
  • Align individual needs with company needs
  • Useful tool for team leaders for making decisions on training

How we work assessments and diagnostics

  • We design questionnaires to detect needs and analyse knowledge and/or skills. When developing knowledge questionnaires we work with the company’s technical specialists
  • We provide advice on internal communication of the process
  • We manage the distribution and data collection process using electronic surveys
  • We analyse the overall results of the evaluations
  • Our platform Openmet Feedback Manager grants access to the Business Intelligence results area where you can explore individual and group results
  • We present the results and make recommendations
  • We are with you throughout the entire process


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