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Organizational resilience

We help you diagnose and improve your organizational resilience, becoming a resilient organization that knows how to function and prosper in a healthy and sustainable way in our uncertain, complex, accelerated, and disruptive world.

Resilfy – Organizational Resilience Experts

  • Our resilience model – R3.0 Organizations – helps organizations adapt to changing and disruptive environments and anticipate and prepare for new challenges, in a responsible and sustainable way, optimizing their resources and benefits. Resilience and agility are the main characteristics of organizations that have been able to adapt and grow in the situation of the pandemic.
  • Resilfy is a set of simple and effective digital solutions to build resilient organizations: R3.0 Organizations
  • Resilfy is the result of the collaboration of Audit & Control Estrés and Openmet, leading companies in psychosocial studies and intervention.


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